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We employ cutting-edge proteomic technology to detect Alzheimer's disease early

Utilising cutting-edge proteomics and machine learning approaches, we have identified a set of novel proteins capable of diagnosing Alzheimer's disease before its symptomatic stage. Based on this protein panel, we offer diagnostic and long-term monitoring for patients.

AD risk prediction

We predict Alzheimer's disease using our deep learning-based scoring system from blood.

AD diagnosis

We diagnose AD using a panel of proprietary blood biomarkers with an accuracy of 96%.

Longitudinal Monitoring

Changes in patient conditions in terms of plasma protein levels will be monitored closely through routine blood draw, ensuring patients are guided towards the optimal treatment options. Using our distinctive and ultra-sensitive panel of blood-based biomarkers, we will provide regular blood sampling service to AD patients, allowing patients to keep track of their AD conditions. Patients are thus stratified into different groups for personnel therapeutic options.


Uniqueness of our technologies

Early intervention delays the onset of Alzheimer's disease

Non-invasive, convenient and accurate diagnosis

Targeted and personalized suggustion

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